Flashback: Kris Allen Live @ Kuala Lumpur

Concert , Event

I’ve always loved photographing concerts. The lights, the energy and just soaking in the ambience of the people enjoying the performance has always been very inspirational and well, fun to watch. Not to mention being able to enjoy awesome music while photographing = badass photographer! Well actually to┬ásummarize, if a photographer really enjoys the work that they are doing, you can really feel it from their work.

I’m just saying you know =)

2 Responses to “Flashback: Kris Allen Live @ Kuala Lumpur”
  1. SG says:

    Gorgeous…Kris Allen is simply Gorgeous!

  2. Lluvia says:

    woohoo…someone excited about conmig to Kuala Lumpur. Yeah please come and share the love down here in Malaysia. I get excited when i see people who are excited to come over and visit. Please take a digital camera this time so we can be able to see the pics you do. Its so exciting to see the city from another persons perspective cos like I tell the locals here, they don’t know if they have a beautiful city until a tourist tells them. I have been blogging about my experience in Kuala Lumpur in ma blog too. Please visit me and keep posted in this blog too to know which part of the world you are in.cheers

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