I have always been a fan of street photography. It’s a different art altogether where not only do you require the patience for it, but also the eyes and intimacy for it. It’s not always about standing across the street and shooting with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens but also, to get personal with a subject that you are photographing. Yes you have to be a bit “thick skin” in order to ask a total stranger that you want to photograph them. Or you can be the total opposite and jump right in front of them while shooting them in all of their frightful glory.

But anyways, yes this is a mini project that I will be working on. A personal project I might add. There’s so much to improve, so much to learn and one can never stop learning and that’s what I’m aiming for! In order for me to take better pictures for you is to improve myself and it is a challenge that I am more than willing to take! And thats why I came up with a theme for this; Hustle & Bustle of A City Life.

This documents my street photography in every place that I travel to, aiming to connect with people and to improve my photography skills. My street skills ain’t all that good but any place is a good start right? Everything is shot with a 35mm f1.4G lens, handheld.