Meet Ellite and Rizky, officially my favorite wedding shot so far…

Groom needs his makeup too :)

And such gorgeous details omg! Love love love!

Even daddy has to dress up to the nines..

Ellite is such a beautiful bride, and all the bling compliments her like a marsh to the mellow :p

Whoa, handsome!

Javanese weddings are filled with ceremonies, very interesting and unique too.

One thing i very much learned is that respecting your parents is one of the most important custom in a family.

Totally my favorite shot!

Thank you Ellite and Rizky for having me in shooting one of your biggest moments in your life and I love the fact that you two look so cute together.

More photos at my facebook page, here!

A fair bit of warning because this is what you will get for any Actual Day Wedding Package Collection that is booked with me.

Yes, I love having intimate sessions with my couple on their wedding day. Yeah sure you’ve had your portraits taken during your pre-wedding session but there is always this special joy on every bits of your face that can only be seen on your wedding day itself! What makes it more magical is….. yes MORE PHOTOS!!! Oh and of course it gives you time to breath from the hecticness of it all and most importantly, to take in gently what has been happening and to spend the experience together which was meant to be yours since well it is your big day after all.

This is why for all my couple I would insist that they give it a bit of thought into it, spare some time to give your photographer room to have some moments with you even if it is just 30 minutes and I promise you that you won’t regret it, not one bit!

Oh and pictures of yourself in that wedding album will definitely look pretty badass!