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Meet Ellite and Rizky, officially my favorite wedding shot so far…

Groom needs his makeup too :)

And such gorgeous details omg! Love love love!

Even daddy has to dress up to the nines..

Ellite is such a beautiful bride, and all the bling compliments her like a marsh to the mellow :p

Whoa, handsome!

Javanese weddings are filled with ceremonies, very interesting and unique too.

One thing i very much learned is that respecting your parents is one of the most important custom in a family.

Totally my favorite shot!

Thank you Ellite and Rizky for having me in shooting one of your biggest moments in your life and I love the fact that you two look so cute together.

More photos at my facebook page, here!

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Photographer: David Cheong

Assistant Photographers: Steven & Faizin

Makeup: Putri

Location: Putrajaya, Malaysia

Kelvin has been a personal friend since high school and one of my closest buddies ever! When he told me that he was getting married, of course I was thrilled, especially when I get to be one of his best man! It was only after his wedding day is he able to get some portraits done so of course I’m more than happy to do it. A big cheers to you buddy and I’m real proud of you =)

Funny story: Upon arriving at the location, Kelvin realized that he forgot to bring his shoes and was only in his sandals. So yeah, incorporate that into the shots! Who cares if its sandals, now thats badass!